Certifications & Patents


Data Performance
• FORCE Verified
• Intertek ETL Verified
• 3P (Third Party Testing) Verified

• UL 1863 Verified

With the latest Data Performance and Safety certifications on all our products, we truly offer the highest standard available on the market today.
is a TIA member, owns UL / ETL /FORCE and 3P Certification. We guarantee that our products will exceed your highest quality expectations.



Dan-Chief places great attention to intellectual property rights, that’s why in the development phase, we are faithful to claim the priority right and secure our Patent up front to protect R&D and New Product Development Process.


With over 132 Product Patents which are valid in 8 different countries, we keep investing in R&D to help our customers and partners succeed.


We are not only deliver the best quality, but also provide Patent Protected and Safe Certified Goods for you at all times.