Rigid Industrial Ethernet (IP68)

USB 3.0 Connector System


Rigid – Fast – Reliable: Industrial USB 3.0
This is the latest addition to our product portfolio: a High-Speed Water Resistant USB 3.0 Connector System.
Designed for Harsh Environments
This USB 3.0 Connector System was specially designed for application in harsh industrial environments. The sturdy enclosures and casings as well as secured protective rubber caps ensure that the plug stays dust & water-free at all times. DCE’s USB 3.0 Connector System protects your valuable data under the most extreme conditions!
High-Speed USB 3.0
With this new product DCE provides a reliable solution for industrial high-speed USB applications in professional environments. With USB 3.0 you get significantly higher transfer speeds, while maintaining backwards compatibility with 2.0 devices.
IP 68 Certified = Dust-Free & Water-Resistant
The IP (Ingress Protection) rating is an international standard that shows you the level of ingress protection of your device.
DCT’s High-Speed Rigid Industrial USB 3.0 Connector System is IP 68 compliant. This gives you the following benefits:
  • Dust tight. No Ingress of Dust
  • Prevented from continuous immersion for water-tight.
No matter if used in a dusty factory or outdoors, our Rigid Industrial USB 3.0 Connector System offers rugged protection for your important data by safely encasing it!
Wide Range of Applications
  • Industrial Production
  • Process Control (Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical)
  • Outdoor Wireless/Metering
  • Bluetooth Adapters
  • Diagnostic and Test Instruments
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Military Networking
and many more…
WPUSB3.0PCAAMMXX Rigid Industrial Ethernet
Industrial USB 3.0 Patch Cord
{ XX } = Length: 1m/ 2m/ 3m/ 4m
WPUSBIC3.0AAFF Rigid Industrial Ethernet
Industrial USB 3.0 Coupler