R & D  and  Laboratory

Our R&D team is comprised of highly experienced and qualified engineers working in a world-class UL 1863 certified and ETL Satellite Program laboratory. It is our goal to always deliver the highest quality and reliability in our products.

General Testing item

• Functionality
• Visual Examination
• Electromagnetic Simulation Software
• RoHS Compliance
• Dimensional Examination
• Rapid Prototyping


Electrical / Safety Testing item

• Heat Test
• Voltage Proof
• Fault Current Test
• Millivolt Drop Test

• Leakage Current Test
• Contact Resistance
• Insulation Resistance
• DC Loop Resistance
• DC Resistance Unbalance

• Mechanical Operation with Electrical Load 



Environmental Testing item
• Salt Spray Test
• Thermal Cycling
• Cyclic Damp Heat
• Thermal Aging Test

Mechanical Testing item

• Waggling Test
• Effectiveness of Connector Coupling Device
• Insertion and Withdraw Force
• Wire Retention Force Test
• IDC Tensile Strength Test
• Mechanical Operation
• Withstand Load of Locking Device


Transmission Performance Testing item

• Permanent Link & Channel
• Connecting Hardware
• Alien Crosstalk
• Transfer Impedance
• Coupling Attenuation

• Power Over Ethernet Application