Dan-Chief’s Cat.6A Total Solution means you now have access to a full range of products such as patch panels, keystone jacks, outlets, patch cords and verified cables fully Cat.6A compliant.

Connecting Hardware has been tested and is now EC verified (DELTA EC Cabling Group) with electrical requirements well above specified standards and performance connectivity throughout the structured cabling system exceeding 10 Gigabit/per sec.

“Leading 10G “UTP Solution

Best-in-class performance – Excellent Headroom

Innovative mechanism design with patented PCB circuit allow for works in easing internal magnet coupling to 500 MHz & enhance transmission performance

“Leading 10G “STP Solution

Verified Screened Continuity – High Performance

Our "Leading 10G" - STP solution products perform well above "Screen Continuity" standards They deliver outstanding performance, and are tested under critical and strict transfer impedance and coupling attenuation conditions.

Innovative Mechanism Design Enhances Transmission Performance The new die-casting housing optimizes the most critical criteria outlined (PSANEXT and PSAACR-F) by Class EA standard.